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Android App Development Training Course in India

Why You Should Learn Android Development in India?

Did you know that around 85.9% of the world population uses smartphones? The total number of smartphones is estimated to be over 6.5 billion. The total number of applications on Google play store alone is 3.55 million, this number is increasing day by day, as businesses and organizations all over the world move from websites to mobile applications. This is because of many reasons, some of them being:

  1. Mobile applications have the ability to work offline.
  2. Mobile applications are much more interactive than websites.
  3. Applications offer faster load times. Mobile applications can use other smartphone capabilities like GPS, Gyroscope and other sensors available in the smartphones.
  4. Besides the reasons mentioned above, learning Android development can land you a very high-paying job in big companies, not only in India but all over the world. The average salary of an Android developer in India is around ₹8, 00,000 in India, not including other benefits, and this figure increases depending upon the experience of the developer.

Android Application Development Roadmap

If you want to learn about the steps to learning Android app development in 2023, here is what you should know before starting your journey:

First things first, you need to learn a computer language. The two most famous programming languages to start learning Android development are Java and React Native. If you are a beginner to the world of coding your obvious question would be, should I learn Kotlin or Java for Android development in Chandigarh? Kotlin is a good language to start with as a beginner, because it has been developed by Google to replace Java. It offers various features that make the process of coding easier. Now, if you already know Java, your hard-work is not wasted. You can use Java codes for Kotlin and Kotlin codes with Java as they are compatible with each other. You’ll also need to learn Android Studio, which offers a development environment for Android Applications.

Learn Android Development in 6 Months

Learning android development by yourself can be a hard task. Therefore, you’ll need a comprehensive Android development course covering everything you need to know to become an Android developer in India. Along with that, you’ll also need a lot of guidance to start understanding the life-cycle of an Android application as well as building your first Android application. That’s where The Languages Studio steps in. We offer you the top short term Android development course in India. Our course covers all the aspects of Android development. You’ll be taught by certified software engineers, who already know the ins and outs of Android development and are well versed in computer languages and the process of development. We provide both offline and online Android development course in all major cities in India. Our service areas include, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Mohali, Pune, Ludhiana, and Delhi NCR regions. With online courses, you can get access to everything that is taught in our offline Android development course from anywhere in India. We offer the highest level of course that are updated to the current standard of application development at affordable prices, so if you are looking for affordable Android development course, we’ve got your back with our cost effective-course.  Not only do we offer the courses, but our trainers will also guide you to develop your first Android application like you would as an Android developer in your dream company.

Get started with Android App Development now!

If you want to get started on building your first Android application, you can sign up for a free Android development class by booking a demo.